Our Programs


Program #1: UNITED FOR.............

"The United For..." program can be adapted to reflect the goal we are attempting to achieve.  This program will be focused on addressing the spiritual, physical, material and academic needs, impacting individuals, families and communities.  For example, we have done (1) United for the children, to meet their physical needs so they can focus when attending school; (2) United for the Youth, to provide guidance to those who will become the hope of a better future and motivating them to dream big regardless of their circumstances; (3) United for the Elderly to provide quality of life, love, food, wheel chairs, canes and medical attention to this neglected part of our society.


Program #2: Spiritual growth and LOVE for others

We believe in the healing power of prayer, faith and how the Word of God saves, restores and transforms lives forever.  We are committed to reach, receive and listen to those who come as they are and bring words of hope to those suffering sickness, addictions, loneliness and support families that are struggling.  Biblical spiritual guidance and help will be provided to help individuals find their identity and divine purpose for the Kingdom of God.  Because authentic love can change lives in amazing ways!



We are committed to educate the community about the importance to preserve the environment.  We will organize clean-up days and teach about recycling and the importance of protecting our natural resources.  Throughout the year events will include, planting trees and cleaning of the beaches.